ACT Medical Acupuncture Clinic.

About us

Our clinic only offers visiting acupuncture.


Sundays and National Holidays
Weekdays(Mon-Sat) are closed

Business Hours: 10am - 6pm

Treatment cost

Fee: 5,000 yen
First time: 1,000 yen
Transportation Fee: 1,000 yen~

Payment: Visa, Master, Amex, Cash

Transportation Fee

  • Okazaki city: 1,000yen
  • Kouta town: 1,500yen
  • Toyota/Anjyou/Kariya city: 3,000yen
  • Nagoya (Hotels near Nagoya Station): 7,000yen
  • Nagoya city: 10,000yen

Treatment Symptoms

  • lumbago(lower backpain)
  • shoulder pain (musculoskeletal pain)
  • elbow pain
  • myalgia (muscular pain)
  • numbness
  • Pain when walking

Please consult with us for any symptoms.